A lot of planning goes into even the smallest exhibition stand. Most of it happens in the background. The more we do, the less you have to worry about. Much of it is connected with filling and submitting forms for Exhibition Hall approvals. This will be initially for your stand design to check sizes, orientation and regulations for access etc.

This is followed by something called a Health and Safety form, which is supposed to prevent pains in the neck but perversely seems to cause them! Following “Approval” there are many other aspects to consider or order. Risk Assessments; floor coverings; electricity or water supply; hall access and timings; transport; customs clearances; carnets; etc etc.

You may also want refreshments (I do, this is taking longer than I thought) internet access and a host of other things. All this is an ongoing process prior to the actual stand build.

Graphic content…(just read this bit if you are in a rush)

This is a very important aspect and one to which you will want considerable input. It starts with the basic stand colours and gets more difficult from then on! There are so many graphic mediums available, from sticky-back-plastic signs to full screen video wall displays, that trying to list them all would be pointless but it would fill this page up a bit……

The likelihood is that you will want company logos and accreditations, with additional lettering to highlight existing and particularly new, products\services. All these will need to be in specific colours and to your approved design.

Our guru will talk this through with you and can provide designs for your approval. Eventually, quite often without too many rude words being said, the whole thing comes together and the graphics are ready to be applied to the stand.