This is a “Concept to Conclusion” operation which we can steer you through, starting at any point on the Design Brief.
For those who have no idea what that means but are frightened already, can you answer these initial questions:-

  • What Show are you planning to attend?
  • How big a stand space have you bought? Do you need advice on that?
  • What are you selling? How do you want to put it across? Do you have graphics?
  • What is your stand build budget???

Done that?? Excellent, we can move on to actual designs…

Do you have?

  • No real idea of a design for your stand, maybe a few lines on an old envelope?
  • A very fixed idea of what you want, or maybe something you have seen before  and fancy copying (sorry, should read “sincerely flattering”??)

Whatever: we can meet, phone, Skype or email our way to a design concept which suits you. This may be in the final form of a simple line drawing; a fully rendered 3D visual; or a graphic walk-through.

Once a design is agreed we will provide a written Quote for the whole job.

You are probably tired already just reading this but looking on the bright side….

At this point most of your work is done. We can handle all the other aspects of permissions, stand construction and delivery, whilst keeping you in the loop.