(if you have read this far you deserve a cream bun at least)

This is the part which you are unlikely to see until you arrive at the exhibition, usually on the afternoon of the day before the show. There is no point in being there any sooner, you will certainly get your suit dirty, or covered in paint, or both!

Having transported your stand to the exhibition hall we commence the build-up. This may be a few days before the show starts depending on how big the stand is and whether anybody can remember where the various bits go!

By the time you arrive the stand will have been painted, have all the graphics in place and the lights on. We can even help with the delivery of small items, which can often be a real pain to get from your car into the hall.

Our aim is that you should be able to arrive at the stand, put your bags down and start selling, just as soon as you have bought us a coffee.

We normally try to be present just before the show ends, so that we can get direct feedback on how things went and how the stand worked. If this is not possible we will certainly arrive as soon as contractors are allowed access for the breakdown and can often help with your final clearing up.

As soon as you are on the way home we breathe a great sigh of relief and get cracking with dismantling the stand, which you might want to use again at the same, or another, venue. If this is the case we will return it to York and store it until the next time.

All that remains now is for us to check that you have paid the final Invoice, our terms being 50% with your Purchase Order and 50% on hand over of the stand. At the same time we can get your impressions of how things went at the show and how they could be improved another time.

Once that is done we indulge in our very own version of “feedback” by ordering one of those triple layer sandwiches for lunch……